When looking for an architect in Kirkland, there are a few considerations one should take into account.

Here are six reasons someone should consider working with an architect.

#1 – 7 to 15% for the design and coordination of one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make is money well spent.

#2 – They are advocates for you. They help you realize your goals and dreams.

#3 – They are generalists. They are knowledgeable about a myriad of factors that affect your project.

#4 – They are artists, bringing aesthetic judgment and inspiration to your project.

#5 – They are technicians. They put together the type of documents/instructions municipalities review and contractors need to build your project.

#6 – They love what they do. Elated clients and well-designed/built projects are their biggest rewards.

If you’re looking for an architecture firm in Kirkland or anywhere in the Seattle/Eastside area,

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