Are you considering an addition to your home?

Considering an addition?


There are many reasons for adding on to your home. You have probably tried to visualize reconfiguring your existing floor plan to get the functionality and utilization of space that you need but there is just not enough room. You have asked everyone you know, including your realtor friend, if they think it’s a good idea to expand your home. Comments come back like “you don’t want to over spend for the […]

6 Things You Should Know About Kirkland Architecture

When considering an Architectural firm in Kirkland, there are a few things you should know about.

In particular, we’ve listed out a few qualities that we’re particularly proud of here at Rasmussen Architects.

• We collaborate with our clients in the process of designing their new custom home while having fun. Clients become members of the design team.

• We deliver weather tight designed buildings and structures that is well oriented to take advantage of the seasonal […]

How to Find the Best Architectural Firm in Kirkland

There are several Architectural firms in Kirkland to choose from.

They offer a wide-range of backgrounds, experience and design & architectural services.

When looking for the best Architect in Kirkland, here are a few important things to consider:

• Great Ratings – Take social media and review sites into account. Ideally, most of the reviews are 5-star rating. These are all indications of satisfied clients.

• Clear Expectations – Everything should be explained from start to finish. A […]

9 Reasons That Make Rasmussen Architects a Good Choice

#1 – We are your advocate. We have your best interests at heart. We want your project to be successful.

#2 – We have practiced in the northwest for over 30 years.

#3 – We are good at coordinating the various efforts required to put your project together.

#4 – We are very experienced in single family architectural services, both custom homes and remodels.

#5 – We are practical and creative.

#6 – We know the weather patterns. We […]

Key Considerations for Architects in the Pacific Northwest

There has always been a pioneering spirit in the northwest. A willingness to think outside the box. A willingness to depart from traditional styles has been the norm.

Northwest contemporary, northwest modern, regionalism, contexturalism are some of the terms that come to mind.

Big issues that face northwest architects are rainfall and limited sunshine. Buildings must be designed to be weather tight, well ventilated and oriented to take advantage of the available sun light.

As Rasmussen Architects […]

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    Budget Considerations: How Much Should Someone Expect to Spend with a Good Architect?

Budget Considerations: How Much Should Someone Expect to Spend with a Good Architect?

When looking for the best architect in Kirkland, Washinton, how much should you expect to pay?


10 to 15% of the cost of construction is common. Some nationally recognized architects will charge more.

We like to analyze each project for scope and complexity and tailor our service to each job and client.

Our fees range from 6 to 10% depending on the level of complexity and involvement on our part.

When working for experienced clients like general contractors […]

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    6 Reasons Why Someone Should Consider Working with an Architect

6 Reasons Why Someone Should Consider Working with an Architect

When looking for an architect in Kirkland, there are a few considerations one should take into account.

Here are six reasons someone should consider working with an architect.

#1 – 7 to 15% for the design and coordination of one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make is money well spent.

#2 – They are advocates for you. They help you realize your goals and dreams.

#3 – They are generalists. They are knowledgeable about a myriad of […]

What Does an Architect Really Do Anyway?

A good architect guides you through the process of achieving your project goals in a positive and meaningful way.

A good architect wears many hats; he/she must be a good listener, interpreter, evaluator, analyst, educator, designer, engineer, project manager and advocate.

A good listener listens not only to hear and respond, but to understand as well. What are the clients saying, what do they mean? Is there a clear shared goal or an assortment of ideas? […]

4 Tips You Must Know Before Hiring an Architect

1. Know what you want. Make your wants, needs and goals very clear. It may sound simple, but more problems occur because clients aren’t sure about what they want. Sometimes you may have conflicting ideas and a good architect can help you sort that out.

2. Know how much you can spend. Create a budget that includes a 20% contingency. A good architect will tell you if the budget is realistic.

3. Choose an architect with […]